Reflexion Point is Pro-active Psychology including individual practice, group programs, leadership development, and therapist supervision that embrace the fundamentals of psychology and the ‘how to’ of integrating outcomes of therapy practically into life. The therapeutic approach is whole human focused—collaborative, participatory, and goal focused.


Located in Ontario, founder and therapist of Reflexion Point, Nel Keath maintains specialized virtual private practice working with clients in various areas of expertise, interest, and passion related to psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. The areas of therapeutic practice encompass individual mental health & crisis experiences, migration settlement, trauma & recovery, career & life transitions, military lifestyle impacts, corporate career & leadership development, and therapist development & clinical supervision. Find our more and connect with Nel here!

Group Programs

The programs offered at Reflexion Point vary and are intended to be focused and short term in nature. Reflexion Point is currently offering one virtual program in the New Year 2021 related to personal and professional development

Seeing Me

A 6-week virtual psychosocial therapeutic, group program aimed at increasing and enhancing healthy self-esteem in youth (16 and older) and adults. Activities include psychoeducation group discussions and exercises on the importance of healthy self-esteem to self-reflective activities aimed at improving and maintaining a sense of deep self-worth and resilience and group support.

Virtual Program offered February 2021. Click here for more details.