Seeing Me...Eight weeks to changing the way you see, think, and feel about YOU!

Unhealthy self-esteem impacts people of all ages, cultures, occupations and economic classes and includes those from different religious, political, sexual orientation, intellectual and academic backgrounds.


Seeing Me is an 8-week psycho-educational group program intended to nurture healthy self-esteem in youth(16+)and adults. The program integrates CBT theory & techniques, happiness research and the biopsychosocial perspective. Founder, Nel Keath, developed this program 8 years ago recognizing the impact healthy self-esteem has on overcoming trauma, having resilience to life stresses, and in the confidence to create a happy and balanced life.

Why self-esteem?

Research shows unhealthy self-esteem can…

  • create anxiety, stress, loneliness

  • increase likelihood of depression & anxiety

  • increase hostility & confused anger

  • cause a dislike & distrust others

  • create unhealthy competitiveness

  • increase problems with friendships & intimate relationships

  • impair academic & job performance

  • lead to increased vulnerability to substance abuse

  • be a pre-cursor & component to eating disorders & unhealthy dieting

  • lead to poor communication; non-assertive, aggressive, defensive, critical, and/or sarcastic styles

Program Outline

Week One: Orientation & What is Self-Esteem? | Learn about what self-esteem is and how it impacts your life

Week Two: Thinking About Thinking | Evaluating and creating alternatives to your automatic thoughts

Week Three: What Do I Like About Myself? | Identify all the great things that make you unique and special

Week Four: My Inner Circle | How does your close circle of people help you to feel good or not good about you?

Week Five: Media, Culture, and Context | Identify and examine the impact of society and culture on our sense of self-worth

Week Six: Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations | Apply what you have learned about yourself to the world you live in

Week Seven: Going Forward & Booster Activities | Strategize about what it is going to take to maintain and grow your self-esteem

Week Eight: Saying Goodbye | Reflection and Impacts

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